Fairy garden supplies are back!!

Back by popular demand, we’ve done a huge restock of fairy garden figurines, houses, plants and other supplies to build a miniature enchanted forest. Check out our latest arrivals and create your own magical space or add something new to your existing fairy garden. We wish you success in attracting fairies and all the good luck they bring!

How to make your Jack O’Lantern last longer

First, you’ll want to start with a pumpkin that is hard and with a surface that doesn’t have any dark spots that may indicate rotting or damage.
Next, if you give your pumpkin a spray with bleach solution it can help stave off fungal growth that can doom your creation prematurely.
Temperature is perhaps the most important factor in determining longevity. The ideal temperature range is between 50 and 60. If daytime temperatures rise above that you may want to bring your carved pumpkins indoors or into the shade. Freezing temperatures are even worse for a pumpkin! Luckily we don’t experience many extreme temperatures, but you never know during that transition season!
Candles can also cause heat damage, so you may want to consider a flickering flameless luminary to avoid cooking your creation from the inside out!

Fairy garden supplies are back!!

There are lots of great options to plant now to keep your garden looking great through Fall and Winter. We have lots of new arrivals for Fall including chrysanthemums, calendula, cyclamen, pansies, primrose, snapdragons and more! Fall is also a great time to plant things like trees, vines, ground cover or shrubs as long as they aren’t frost tender.