The Christmas season is here and it’s time to decorate!

Poinsettias, live Christmas trees, topiaries, wreaths, bows, and more! We have everything you need to add Christmas cheer to both your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Ken and Catherine personally choose each and every poinsettia sold at Griggs, guaranteeing the best selection of poinsettias on the Monterey Peninsula. We carry pure white, red, and pink poinsettias as well as poinsettias with distinct marbling or edging in contrasting colors. These traditional holiday plants sell quickly!
Live Christmas Trees
Begin a new, environmentally friendly Christmas tradition with our live, potted Christmas trees! We carry a variety of 1 to 8 foot trees. These trees do well indoors for about 3 weeks. After the holidays, many customers plant their trees outside in half wine barrels, allowing them to use the same Christmas tree for years in a row.
Fresh, Handmade Wreaths
Our wreaths will add Christmas cheer to any room, door, or window in your house. Our wreaths are handmade of the freshest and highest quality material, resulting in wreaths that are longer lasting and far more unique than those you will find at any big box store. We have pre-decorated, plain, or custom designed wreaths available.
Holiday Decor
We have more that just flowers when it comes to Christmas! Our Christmas themed topiaries are a perfect addition to your outdoor decorations. Our topiaries add fun and whimsy to any outdoor space year-round, but our reindeer, snowmen, and Christmas tree topiaries are particularly popular during the holiday season.
Christmas Color
Poinsettias, cyclamen, amaryllis, paper white lilies, orchids, rosemary, ferns, you name it! We carry the most popular and traditional Christmas plants to brighten your holiday decor. They make a wonderful addition to your Christmas decorations as well as thoughtful gifts for friends, family, teachers, or the hostess of your next Christmas party.
Custom Arrangements
Our Christmas arrangements make a perfect centerpiece for your dining room table and a lovely hostess gift. We always have a variety of arrangements to choose from available at the nursery and we are also more than happy to make custom arrangements to match any size, style, or theme. Just give us a call at (831) 626-0680.

How to care for your live, potted Christmas tree

Skip the Christmas tree lot this weekend and head to your local nursery for the ultimate eco-friendly tree. Whether or not you’re keen on going green, getting a potted Christmas tree can make a lot of sense. You only need to purchase a tree once and you’ll be set with a tree to bring in for the holidays for years. Plus, once the fella gets too big, you have a great addition to your garden that can bring back memories of Christmases past.
  • Leave the tree in the container you purchased (for now).
  • Our potted Christmas trees will do will inside for about three weeks. When you bring your tree home, choose a sunny spot away from any heat vents. You can also place your tree outside your doorstep for a few days to give it a break from the heat and limited light indoors.
  • Potted trees indoors will dry out more quickly than those in your garden. Water daily and top-dress the soil with some mulch or reindeer moss to help prevent water loss through evaporation. One easy way to water your tree is to empty several trays of ice cubes on top of the soil. The ice will melt slowly so that roots can absorb the water before it puddles.
  • After the holidays, take your tree outside and place it, once again, in a sheltered location. Water it well, soaking the root ball. After a week, move the tree in it’s container to a sunny spot in your garden where it can live for the rest of the year. Many of our customers re-pot their tree in a half wine barrel.

Griggs Gift Cards Available

Not sure what to get your favorite plant loving family member or friend? A Griggs Gift Card is perfect! You can purchase a gift card at the nursery or by giving us a call at (831)626-0680! If you don’t live locally and would like to purchase a gift card, we can send the gift card to the lucky recipient.